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Can this replace Direct Access / Always-On VPN?

Post by cerberus »

We are currently using DA; looking to replace it with AOVPN. The other day I saw an email from Veeam mentioning PN and this is the first time I learned about this free product.

Couple of questions for those that use it..
  • Can you configure the client (OpenVPN) to auto-connect? Does the user have to login or can it auto-connect before user logs into Windows?
  • Can you load balance the solution? Installing 2 PN servers at two different data centers and do some sort of RR DNS?
  • Can it be deployed using enterprise tools such as Configuration Manager?
  • Anyone using this in the enterprise? How large your user base that uses this and what issues you ran into..

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Re: Can this replace Direct Access / Always-On VPN?

Post by HannesK »

please note, that it VeeamPN is a normal OpenVPN (Wireguard for site-to-site) distribution with no "magic". Just a simple web interface that helps customers to use the Veeam restore to Azure / AWS functionality easier and connect the machines running in the cloud to on-prem data center

1) Google says yes:
2) same like you could do with any other parallel VPN connection where both VPNs do not know about each other. There is no built-in cluster & load balancing functionality over multiples connections.
3) probably yes, but not sure whether anyone ever tried it out
4) I hope not (and I'm sure that the enterprise network teams would not like it) :-) It's a free solution for lab and SMB environments. Well, probably there are some larger customers who connect to VMs running in Azure / AWS. I would call it "shadow-IT" in that situation.

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