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Changing the subnet for clients

Post by fgiugliano »

Is there somewhere to change the default subnet that connected clients get assigned?
Right now I think it's I would like to change this to something else.

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Re: Changing the subnet for clients

Post by anthonyspiteri79 »

Hey Frank. You talking about the tunnel interfaces? This is defined in the setup and I don't believe you can change it once deployed.
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Re: Changing the subnet for clients

Post by AVasilyev »

Unfortunately, you cannot change the network in the current version.
We will consider enabling this in next update (no plans yet)

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Re: Changing the subnet for clients

Post by d.mauri »

Hello everyone, is there any update on this topic?

I'm working on a POC like this:
- two (or more) appliances, one per site
- minimum latency access to site's resources
- no traffic between sites once a client connects
- minimum overlap of clients on each site
- client-to-client communication available even if they connect to different hubs (via static routes, MPLS connection available between sites but limited bandwidth)

I was poking around with the configuration files, but I cannot get any other subnet to be assigned to clients, even if I change both the /etc/veeampn/EndpointOVPN.cfg and the /etc/veeampn/veeampn.cfg.

Thanks and best regards.

Davide Mauri

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