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Confused about Azure options

Post by pufferdude » Oct 17, 2016 10:47 pm

Can someone school me on what the various options are for Veeam+Azure? I've seen "cloud connect" (I think) that lets you back up VMs to Azure, and the new 9.5 "restore to Azure", but I'm confused about all the permutations and I'm wanting to know if what I want exists: I want to run an Azure VM and back *it* up to my local Veeam repository for safe keeping, in case Microsoft decides to trash my VM for whatever reason ;-) Everything seems be be about pushing data *to* Azure, but is there any ability with Veeam to let me back up an Azure VM to local storage? (and perhaps even do the frequent SQL log backups?!)

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Re: Confused about Azure options

Post by P.Tide » Oct 18, 2016 7:59 am


You can use Veeam Endpoint Backup for Windows VMs in Azure for now. Veeam Endpoint Backup 2.0 (Veeam Agent for Windows) will have full support for Windows server and its apps like SQL.


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Re: Confused about Azure options

Post by Mike Resseler » Oct 20, 2016 10:00 am

Hi Jim,

To add to Pavel's message. What some customers are doing (even with VEB 1.5 today) is backing up that server to a local repository (on-prem) but they have a VPN connection or Expressroute connection to their datacenter. In that case, you Veeam B&R server can be on-prem, and even for instance (for performance reasons) a specific repository running on a VM in Azure, and then they do a Backup Copy Job at night to their on-prem repository.

Hope it can solve your problem


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