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DNS issue on new deployment of Veeam PN

Post by nopking »

Installed VeaamPN

Everything was great but every time I did anything the DHCP address changed so I looked up how to set it static

Edited /etc/netplan/01-netcfg.yaml to set static and add name servers

Clients are not receiving name servers other than the VPN appliance address which is - I can hit that address via web, fine. I can SSH fine. I cannot nslookup.

Log into SSH, nslookup, DNS requests are returned on 127.0.0.something no problem
nslookup at the address get query refused

My assumption is my changing from DHCP to static may have whacked something, but this is a little out of where I'm experienced in. The end result is the client computers are failing over to Google DNS on the client side. Not horrible, but not ideal.

How do I configure DNS settings that go to the VPN clients? How do I get the Veeam PN server to respond to DNS queries since it's telling clients that it's the DNS server? Where did I err?

Have a ticket in as well at #04446494

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Re: DNS issue on new deployment of Veeam PN

Post by HannesK »

is it possible that this discussion covers the same issue: veeam-tools-for-microsoft-azure-f36/vee ... 43414.html ? ... tml?ver=21 (is the new link that was mentioned in that thread)

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