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How to come back from Azure?

Post by barryatict »


This might seem like a mad question, but how can we use Veeam B&R to bring a VM back on premises after a successful recovery to to Azure? Can't seem to confirm this in any of the documentation.

We are successfully using B&R to send data to Azure, and we can bring up a new Azure VM with B&R installed to perform the recovery to a new Azure VM on a subnet etc, then we can happily use Veeam PN, or Azure VPN to provide access to the recovered servers in Azure while the on premises hardware is all fixed etc. Question is, how can we use Veeam to replicate the VM's back on premises aftr the hardware is alive again?

Any pointers welcome...

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Re: How to come back from Azure?

Post by Gostev »

Hello! The easiest way is to install the appropriate Veeam Agent in the VM, perform a backup, copy it on-prem, and perform the restore. Thanks!

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