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Network load and optimization

Post by nicolassimondiddi »

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to know how the "network load" is calculated in VeeamPN?

Currently, we have one Hub and on site connected, with works fine between 220/300Mbps, but I think I could do better since we have symmetrical gigabit on both side.
The VMs on both side are on HyperV (8vCPU xeon gold / xeon E5) and their load average doesn't go over 2 which is fine but it says that the network load is around 80%.

Do you know if I can get better than this? (TXQUEUE is already at 4000 which seems to be the best for my use case).

Anyway, it's way better than the bovpn on our watchguard firewalls which is stuck at 110Mbps :D

Best regards,

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Re: Network load and optimization

Post by nikolaj »

Hi Nicolas!

Have you played around with various values of TXQUEUE around that 4000 mark?
What behaviour do you observe?
According to the VeeamPN guide:
Values of up to 8000 have been used successfully to further improve performance. ... tml?ver=21

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