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OpenVPN Server - client certificate duration

Post by JamesT »

like the topic title says, I would like to ask a simple question.
What is the default client certificate duration that is created for every OpenVPN client and can it be changed in some configuration file?
From what i could find, OpenVPN Server 'main' certificate was generated with a 10 year period validity. Unfortunately I was not able to find similar information regarding client certificates.

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Re: OpenVPN Server - client certificate duration

Post by chris.arceneaux »

Hi James,

Default client certificate duration is for the full term of the root CA certificate (or 'main' certificate). As you saw, that certificate is 10 years. If you'd like clients to have a shorter validity period, you can make the following changes:
  • Edit /etc/veeampn/veeampn.cfg
  • Find the line below:

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Validity = 3650;
  • Change it to the value in days that you'd prefer:

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Validity = 365;
  • Restart VeeamPN to apply the change:

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service veeampn restart
After making this change, all new client certs generated will be for the validity period specified. I'll also add that I tested the above process with Veeam PN v2.1.

NOTE: By default, the Veeam PN appliance doesn't have a known text editor that I've found. I don't know what text editor you prefer but here's how to install Vim:

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sudo apt-get install vim
Note that if you leave sudo off, even though you're logged in as root, apt-get install commands will not work.

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