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Scalability for Veeam PN

Post by pco_Chris »

Hello everyone,
i've have simple question regarding VeeamPN. Are any information available how does VeeamPN scale?
For example: Deploying VeeamPN infrastructure for 100 users requires this amount of resources for network and gateway?

Googleling around was not successful. :-/


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Re: Scalability for Veeam PN

Post by HannesK »

I'm not sure how we could predict something relatively unpredictable.

To simplify it, I would start with a small VM (4 vCPU and 6 GB RAM) and increase RAM / CPU if resources are running out.

I mean, it's more about "how to size OpenVPN for 100 clients". ... uirements/ has some ideas. I just increased it to shorten the discussion :-)

Bandwidth... well, I need usually less than 2MBit VPN as I only work via RDP and a few web-pages internally (most of my work is on the internal network). All my internet traffic does not go through VPN.

Best regards,

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