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Thank you for Veeam PN!

Post by Vanburen » 2 people like this post

Just wanted to say thanks to the Veeam PN team, for providing such an awesome tool!

As an SME, it has really helped us quickly spinup VPN access for managers at short notice, which has been really useful as part of our response to the corona virus.

I had some feature requests in case they are of interest:
  • It would be great if you considered adding Wireguard support for client access as well as site to site. The main interest for us here is ability to roam between network connections seamlessly e.g. from WiFi to 4G, wireguard 1.0 has just been released, so hopefully it should be considered sufficiently stable.
  • This is a big ask, but it would be really awesome if we could setup firewall rules for traffic going to and from remote clients, e.g. I would like to be able to only allow clients to access some ports on some whitelisted IPs. It would also be great if clients could be assigned to different firewall groups e.g. one group for managers one for field technicians etc.
  • Initially when setting up the VPN, I took me a while figure out that I needed to setup a hub site, to enable VPN clients to access the LAN, it might be helpful for newbies if there was something in the GUI to highlight that a hub site might be required for a traditional client to site VPN?

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Re: Thank you for Veeam PN!

Post by HannesK »

thank you for your feedback!

All of your feature requests make sense. For the last point I will ask the documentation team to add that do the user guide. I also struggled with that part when I installed VeeamPN to answer some of the questions in this forum.

Best regards,

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