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Veeam PN and Gateways

Post by petewesty » Aug 20, 2018 4:56 am

We're interesting in Veeam PN for Azure and i've watched the videos and read the Guide.
I'd like to know if other people have successfully integrated the product into their firewalled infrastructure?
The idea of Veeam PN for Disaster Recovery (with Azure) seems great, but the guide shows the 'Point to site' clients need to have the OVPN default gateway point to the Azure hosted Veeam Network Hub.
The current VPN server we use goes through our Firewall. Will this direct OVPN connection into our Azure resources bypassing the firewall?
Are people replacing their current VPN services with this new Veeam VPN service? Or are you running 2 VPNs depending on topology/size etc?

We have a very simple 1 office (VMWare on premise) and 1 Azure resource tenant, i'm looking to trial Veeam PN, replicating 10 VMs, with 50+ clients utilising the OVPN client for DR.

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Re: Veeam PN and Gateways

Post by AVasilyev » Sep 12, 2018 3:18 am

Hi Pete!

There are two types of clients in VeeamPN - one is as you pointed out point-to-site which is relying on OpenVPN installation on each client computer, and site-to-site appliance - one instance of which can serve multiple clients in one local network.

Site to site appliance usage scenario doesn't require to install anything on the client computers. Even more - utilizing "IP Translation" feature you can even avoid changing anything in your network internet router - you can just make an local network address alias for an Azure VM.

So, if I understand your needs correctly - site-to-site appliance will help you much better in your deployment.

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