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Veeam PN firewall requirements for a site gateway

Post by getontoit99 » Aug 21, 2018 2:09 am

Hi Everyone.

From the Veeam PN User Guide I understand that for traffic from a site gateway to a network hub, the hub listens on TCP/UDP port 1194.

But what about the firewall at the site? I assume that if UDP is selected, whatever firewall is present at the site must be opened to allow UDP incoming from the hub in Azure to port 1194.

Veeam PN from my home lab to Azure with an Ubiquiti EdgeRouter X worked out of the box. UPnP might have been doing something I didn't manually open any ports in the EdgeRouter.

Veeam PN doesn't want to connect at work through the old Cisco ASA5510 firewalls there. I'm putting through a change to open UDP/1194 to see what happens.

Any comments will be appreciated, particularly guidance on Veeam PN diagnostics and reading the log files. Yes, I will open a support case if I can't make it work.


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Re: Veeam PN firewall requirements for a site gateway

Post by anthonyspiteri79 » Sep 04, 2018 9:20 am

Hey Scott.

If I've read that right, I think you may have the outbound port blocked. That change should work, but let us know if you don't have any luck there.

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