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VeeamPN 2.1 DNS Setup

Post by tuanmanh »

Hi Veeam PN users,

I've successfully setup VeeamPN on Azure by following the provided instructions on Veeam page. However, I'm having a problem with using the dns name of the clients
The current setup is as follows

Azure Server (Veeam PN )
Client A ( On-Prem) - Site A ( Configured as Standalone)
Client B ( On-Prem ) - Site B ( Configured as Standalone)

I can use the IP addresses to connect from Client A to Client B but no luck with using the DNS names. I have the DNS option turned on in the VeeamPN panel .
Already looked up the internet with some suggestions update the EndpointOVPN.cfg on the VPN server but it still does not work.

veeam-tools-for-microsoft-azure-f36/rem ... 65675.html

Just wondering if we have some guidance around the DNS features as it's kinda lacking of the moment.

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Re: VeeamPN 2.1 DNS Setup

Post by HannesK »

and welcome to the forums.

As you are using standalone machines, I guess that the configured DNS server cannot resolve the IP addresses of the dial-in clients A and B.

I mean, you could use the hosts file, but if the client gets a new IP, then it needs to be updated manually. From a VeeamPN product side, I don't see an option for this.

Best regards,

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