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Veeampn - anybody running it on own Hyper-V?

Post by alesovodvojce » Nov 10, 2019 10:35 am

So I do not mean Azure...

If yes, please could you share exactly what
1) Ubuntu version you have used and where it was downloaded from
2) What Hyper-V host Windows version you are using

As I am struggling for 6 months at least to get Veeampn running realiably.

Our Veeampn connection regularly become dead after some days of work (3-8 days so far) and only restart of whole guest or both guests will fix that. What exactly will happen (any of that)
- veeeampn server port 1194 will stop listening, or will listen but "telnet server 1194" will not result any greeting binary message (as opposed to working state)
- veeampn klient will stop trying to connect to the server (but the server seems working and "telnet server 1194" shows binary greeting msg
- and today new thing, my workaround of regular "/sbin/reboot" has failed on both guests together stating "failed to talk to init daemon". More to that, Veeampn conf on client seems to be reset - after I loaded it again from backup, via Veeampn GUI, it was fixed

We have tried latest Ubuntu LTS distro on both sides (downloaded from Ubuntu), Veeampn scripted install, same failing results.
We have tried latest Ubuntu LTS distro on both sides (Microsoft version, used from latest Windows 10 Linux tools), Veeampn scripted install, same failing results.
We are running Windows server 2016 Std (version 1607) on both hosts.

For us this failures are really a headache, as we use many other linux boxes on our Hyperv platform without any problems for years.
Looking forward for your replies on point 1) and 2)


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Re: Veeampn - anybody running it on own Hyper-V?

Post by chris.arceneaux » Nov 20, 2019 1:48 pm

Hi Petr,

System Requirements for deploying Veeam PN in an on-premises network is VMware vSphere ESXi host/cluster 5.0 оr later (hardware version 8 and later). While Veeam PN may work in Hyper-V, it's not listed as a supported hypervisor.

If you mete with success running Veeam PN in Hyper-V, please share your configuration in this thread. This will help the community and might lead to Veeam PN on Hyper-V being supported in the future.

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