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VeeamPN Networking assistance

Post by petewesty » Sep 17, 2018 5:56 am

I’m still struggling to get VeeamPN working (networking and DNS). Raised multiple forums posts and support cases.

The basic setup:
• VeeamPN Network Hub Appliance up and running in Azure.
• Site-to Site gateway up and connected to my office
• Open VPN client working into the Network hub and can ping services down the site-site tunnel. (But DNS does not work, issue #2)

Issue #1 – Access to Azure VMs not working
How do I control outbound traffic for the VeeamPN Hub?
When I SSH connect into the Azure VeeamPN Hub Appliance and try to ping (from the hub) other VM’s inside Azure on the same Vnic, the ping/ssh/rdp all fail.
These VMs in Azure have nothing to do with my Office network or IP Translation, they LIVE in azure. The Azure VMs CAN ping the Azurehub and CAN ping resources down the site-to site tunnel.
But nothing, including the Network Hub, can Ping the azure VM’s. The VMs nic is not in a NSG.
In order for the Azure VeeamPN Network Hub to speak to Azure VMs, do I need to deploy a Site Gateway Appliance in Azure as well? Even though they are on the same Vnic? Please assist.

Issue #2 - DNS
Cannot get DNS working, unable to find ALL the commands to get the DNSconfig updated. I got via SSL and found the .cfg locations, but don’t have any commands on how to edit the cfg to get DNS working. The information you have provided below is not enough, I do not know how to open the .cfg and edit it and save using linux commands.

Lastly would be networking help for my office, how to get office VM resources to USE the site-to site gateway appliance. Additional static routes changing default gateways on individual VMs?

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Re: VeeamPN Networking assistance

Post by anthonyspiteri79 » Sep 18, 2018 12:13 pm

Issue #1
They should talk to the Azure instance on the same vnet (but I will need to go back and confirm this). Can you ping VMs in the site you have connected into?

Issue #2 - DNS
We don’t support any DNS functionality in this version. What exactly are you trying to do via SSH?

NOTE: There is an email chain between myself and Pete. We will update this thread as well for completeness.
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