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veeampn, site-to-site vpn works only in one direction

Post by asdffdsa6131 » Nov 13, 2018 11:57 pm

hello and thanks for reading this.
I like veeampn and how it makes it helps making restoring a vm to azure so very easy.

my lan uses and the local computer, DAVTEST01, that I restored to azure uses
after I restore the vm to azure, i can ping from my laptop- thru veeampn and reach the vm in azure DAVTEST01 @

however, it seems that the site-to-site vpn is uni-directional.
from that vm in azure, I am not able to access network devices on
so for example, DAVTEST01, is sharing printers on the local lan, and clients on the lan print via that shared printer.
but that no longer works.

am I doing something wrong or is that how veeampn works?


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Re: veeampn, site-to-site vpn works only in one direction

Post by wishr » Nov 14, 2018 12:17 pm

Hi David,

I'm not sure how your machine has got the same IP as it had in the original network (maybe you still trying to ping the original VM?), but I would recommend taking a look at that article.


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