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VeeamPN v2 - hardening and best practice

Post by ZipTX »

I am having a hard time finding any information on the security state of the VeeamPN appliance.

Has the OS been hardened enough that it can be directly connected to the internet or is it best practice to place this behind a purpose built firewall?

Thanks in advance!

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Re: VeeamPN v2 - hardening and best practice

Post by HannesK » 1 person likes this post

to answer your question: yes, you can just put it on the internet. It is configured for automatic updates and no unnecessary services are running.

I mean, it's a Ubuntu Linux. You could also install it on your own on a Ubuntu machine and do the hardening on your own. If you believe, that Ubuntu Linux in general is not "good enough for direct Internet", then just put it behind a firewall. :-)

Please understand that we don't provide all kind of information for a free product.

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