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VeeamPN - Vpn with two interfaces

Post by zeliko20 » Nov 08, 2019 12:00 pm

Hello everyone,
the network configuration of my structure includes two separate virtual switches, one for the public and the private one. The exposed interface will therefore have a public ip address, while the vpn must supply the service on lan.

The passage should be this:

External PC -> VPN with public IP (ens160) -> LAN network (ens192)

When I add the whole LAN ens192 interface (LAN SWITCH) to the system, the service does not start, the error is as follows:

2019-11-08 11: 32: 26,799 <1249> [error] [veeampn] [EXCEPTION] Found multiple adapters: ens160, ens192
2019-11-08 11: 32: 26,799 <1249> [error] [veeampn] [MAIN] Standard exception error: Found multiple adapters: ens160, ens192

Is it possible to configure the service with two interfaces?


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Re: VeeamPN - Vpn with two interfaces

Post by anthonyspiteri79 » Nov 10, 2019 4:59 am

Hey there Rob.

At the moment that configuration is unsupported. The dev team for the product might be able to comment further on future supportability.
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