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Custom vm disk utilization monitor

Veeam LogoPosted: Fri Sep 12, 2014 2:25 pm
by keithkleiman
I need to create a custom monitor to monitor the total disk utilization rate (ie:VMGUEST.Collect.totalDiskUsageRate) on a vm for a specific problem. Can this be done through the native SCOM monitor wizard? Can you provide any guidance or assistance with this?

Re: Custom vm disk utilization monitor

Veeam LogoPosted: Thu Sep 18, 2014 11:21 am
by sergey.g
Hi Keith,

That's fairly easy. Yes, you can use the built-in "Unit Monitor" wizard:
  • Select "WMI Performance Counter" as a type and "Consecutive Samples over Threshold" or "Average Threshold" sub-type (other types won't work well because disk usage is a highly volatile metric)
  • Call the monitor something like "Veeam VMware: Virtual Machine Disk Usage Analysis" (so that it can be visible in the corresponding Veeam views)
  • Specify "VMware Virtual Machine" class as a target, select Performance as a parent monitor.
  • Specify "root\nworks" as a namespace and "select totalDiskUsageRate from vmstats where entityID like '$Target/Property[Type="VeeamVirtExtensionsVMwareLibrary7001862!Veeam.Virt.Extensions.VMware.VMGUEST"]/id$''" as a query, as a frequency we do not recommend to set values less than your collection interval, so if you have 5 minutes interval - you can set frequency to 300 seconds.
  • Then you need to map performance data to a metric, specify something like VMguest-disk as an object, totalDiskUsageRate as a counter name and $Data/Property[@Name='totalDiskUsageRate']$ as a value.
  • Specify a threshold for monitor to fire and a number of consecutive samples (2 for instance, so that monitor will fire only if disk usage breached the threshold AND stayed high for 2 samples (10 minutes))
  • Configure Health settings (whether you want a monitor to go to critical or warning)
  • Then configure Alerting if you need it, you can keep the default message, but make sure you changed parameter for metric value, if you are using consecutive samples monitor - you should use $Data/Context/SampleValue$ instead of $Data/Context/Value$

And now you have it - a monitor which will fire when disk usage for a VM goes above a threshold. I've create an example of such monitor for you, you can use it as is or adjust to your own needs.

Feel free to ask any other questions about extending SCOM using data collected by Veeam MP.