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NetApp E2760 as Backup Target

Posted: Dec 13, 2016 1:47 pm
by nunciate
Anyone successfully using a NetApp E2760 as a backup target out there?

We are getting quotes for various storage to replace my DL380 Gen8 that has about 200Tb of direct attached storage (8 separate disk arrays).
I am looking to go more high density. Something around 4U that can give me the IOPS and capacity to do all my backups.

I would like to retire the DL380 for some other use so the plan was to virtualize the server so that my jobs are all in a VM and them maybe have a physical server as the proxy to get the processing power I need.
My concern with using the NetApp E2760 is how I will control the disk so that Veeam can not only backup data to it but also tape out to my FC attached Quantum i80 library.
What I do not want is to be sending backup data or tape out data over the network. I want that data to traverse only the FC connections so I am a little fuzzy on how I will accomplish that using a NetApp without having a physical server between the two. I assume I will still need a physical server to mount my disk to over FC and also to mount my tape drives via FC.

Another option I am looking into is the HPE Apollo 4150. Since that already has a blade server integrated I assume it can manage all the server side functionality I need so I am really leaning this direction right now as I don't want to have to buy another physical server to replace my DL380.

If it were you, which setup would you go with? Let me know if you have any real world experience setting up either of these.

Re: NetApp E2760 as Backup Target

Posted: Dec 13, 2016 2:09 pm
by csinetops
I'll let Veeam reply to how tape interacts with the proxy as we are tape-less. I just wanted to chime in to ask if you have looked at Cisco's S series storage server? Sounds like it may fit your setup. This will probably be the route I go next year when my FAS comes up for refresh. ( we are however a all Cisco UCS shop) ... index.html

I run a Netapp FAS connected over FC to my infrastructure for my primary backups. All my proxies etc are virtual. Backup copies are then copied over 10GB to my Netapp AltaVault that is synced to Azure storage for long term retention. I'm getting about a 14x dedupe/compression on the Altavault, just over 110TB uncompressed/deduped but only 8TB sitting on the appliance and in the cloud. That's another option to look at if you want to ditch tape, works pretty slick.

Re: NetApp E2760 as Backup Target

Posted: Dec 13, 2016 2:16 pm
by nunciate
I have looked at the Cisco system. It is very similar to the HP Apollo systems. The specific Cisco unit I looked at did not have any FC connectivity options. I am not sure if it was the one you linked to but will look into that again. We don't have 10GB connections here as we are a somewhat small shop. I am trying to do this without any major network upgrades or even without doing top of the rack 10GB switches if I can. I'd like to use the existing FC infrastructure I have today. Currently my DL380 is FC connected back to my production environment so all my backups run in SAN mode. I also have a separate FC switch that it is connected to which connects it to my tapes.