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How to rename physical proxy server?

Posted: Dec 17, 2017 11:59 am
by HendersonD
We have a physical proxy server called vProxy1 which runs Windows Server 2012 R2. We are running Veeam 9.5 Udpate 2. I want to do two things:
  1. Change the hostname within Windows to vProxy1_OLD. This is easy using the System control panel, not sure how this would affect Veeam once the rename is complete and the server restarted
  2. Within Veeam under Backup Proxies, this is listed as vProxy1, I want to change it to vProxy1_OLD
How can I make these changes and ensure that backup/replication continues to work? In a month we are purchasing a new server that will become a Veeam proxy server. I want to name this new server vProxy1, pull it into Veeam, and the retire and remove vProxy1_OLD

Re: How to rename physical proxy server?

Posted: Dec 17, 2017 7:44 pm
by PTide

1. If the proxy was previously configured to be contacted by its IP, and the substitution will be on the same IP, then backup jobs should keep working just fine. If the proxy was configured with hostname, you need to make sure that the name resolves to the new proxy and credentials are correct.

2. Pleas check this post.