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Backup Copy Job - Additional / revised feature request

Posted: Jul 09, 2018 7:30 am
by downloadkid

I raised a ticket with the support team as I could not get a 'Backup Copy' job to run as I had expected.

I have a primary SAN to where the backups are written, this is then duplicated using a 'File Copy' job to a second SAN on another part of the campus over the weekends.

The idea then was to use the 'Backup Copy' job to write a full backup to a USB external drive, actually 2 rotated drives.

This would seem fairly simple to set up - it wasn't and the feature is very limited.

When I set the job up I pointed it to the secondary SAN as the 'source' where the backups are duplicated. However as far as it was concerned there were no valid restore points and would therefore fail.

Support explained that in order for the copy to work it had to be pointed to the primary SAN as the source. As a result of that you then get two jobs running side by side. Though as I understand it the program logic will prioritize the main backup schedule it means I have to limit the window of backing up to the USB drive, and as we all know USB is very slow...

Secondary to this and from my perspective more important is there doesn't seem to be a feature that allows you to simply copy to the external USB a copy of the last full backup.

I understand that if you create a 'Backup Copy' job and the destination drive is empty, it will by default create a copy of the last full backup, but then will write subsequent chains. I don't want the chains, just a copy of the last full backup. As a fudge I run a script prior to the job running that deletes the contents of the drive, so forcing a full backup - it's not ideal.

Can we please have a feature that just simply copies the latest full backup from any source to any source - that would be bloody useful and very much appreciated. Thankyou

Re: Backup Copy Job - Additional / revised feature request

Posted: Jul 10, 2018 10:56 am
by v.Eremin
Actually, you can use backup copy job as a source for other backup copy job (check the corresponding section). Is that something you're after? Thanks.

Re: Backup Copy Job - Additional / revised feature request

Posted: Jul 11, 2018 10:16 am
by billcouper
downloadkid, I agree with you that more configuration options for Backup Copy jobs would be bloody useful and much appreciated.

v.Eremin, this will come close I think!

I've had to setup rotating USB backups for customers that use Veeam on premise. My workaround was to do a 2-point Backup Copy onto a NAS, then have the NAS sync the data to USB drive plugged into NAS using the built-in backup tool in the NAS. There must be a better way! I am very interested to read what other people are doing for rotated USB backups.

Re: Backup Copy Job - Additional / revised feature request

Posted: Jul 11, 2018 12:06 pm
by v.Eremin
Most of them use backup repository with rotated drives (special option in repository settings).

Some of them just point single backup copy job to such repository, others prefer more complicated way: first backup copy job - pointed to ordinary repository, backup copy of backup copy - to rotated one.