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Consolidate Backup Chains?

Posted: Nov 13, 2018 3:14 pm
by EricRomzek
Backstory: I am putting some old storage to use instead of throwing it away. I can replace drives as they fail for next to nothing but we know this storage is pure luxury in terms of reliability, if the hardware dies it dies. That being said I have two old HP Store Easy's NAS units, wiped MS storage server 2008, installed ubuntu server to get around server 2008 going end of life shortly, and consolidated them into a scale out repository. It was trucking along giving us nice long term storage via backup copy, only keeping 2 restore points, but using the grandfather, father son (GFS) method for keeping 0 weeklys, 12 monthlys, 4 quarterlys, 7 yearlys. Now I ran into a problem where it has started another backup chain which makes the console a mess.

Problem: Upon trying a vcenter appliance upgrade it was a complete failure and had to make a new vcenter from scratch. This forced a new backup chain to start because of all the different identifiers that change with the new vcenter. This makes the console a mess for jobs that I am looking to keep extremely long term storage on have double entries of every VM because a new backup chain started.

Question:Can these chains be consolidated since they are full backups minus the 2 little incrementals? I'm willing to lose the 2 incremetals if needed to clean up the console and get rid of the double entries I will see now until the end of time (potentially but probably not 7 years) because our vcenter changes.

Any guidance appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Re: Consolidate Backup Chains?

Posted: Nov 13, 2018 4:39 pm
by foggy
Hi Eric, prior continuing backups via new vCenter you should use the migration utility to match the VM IDs, but I'm not sure this is possible at this stage.