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GFS Tape Issue with Active Full Backup 2 Disk Jobs

Veeam LogoPosted: Tue Apr 18, 2017 9:38 am
by franky
Hi everybody,

i have an issue to realize a backup concept with some tricky recommandations on the backup jobs.

We have some backups jobs configured as reverse inc running daily at 20:00.
We create on last friday each month an active full. The active full is running the whole weekend because the poor performance of the backup server.

Now we want to create a tapejob which copies the active full to tape and not just the synthetic full backups jobs.
When creating a normal backup to tape job i am able to schedule the job on last friday at some time after 20:00 (backup 2 disk) and setup "the wait for backup jobs" options to 48 hours.
So my backup to tape job waits up to 48 hours if some linked jobs are still running.

So far so good. Now the tricky part.
We want to have different retention times for weekly, monthly, quarter backups and yearly tape jobs. When creating normal tape pools with the correct retention time and different tape jobs for monthly or quarter backup we will get several jobs overlap each other an just failing.
GFS Media Pool would solve this problem but in gfs we cannot define the start time. On veeam kb entry we just found that the job starts an 00:00 on the specified day. Now when setting GFS Job to friday is it running at 00:00 in the morning or at 23:59 at the nigt?

On more issue whe trying to realize this szenario with gfs media pool, we do not have an option to wait up to x hours when linked backup 2 disk jobs are still running. GFS just waits max 24 hours. I cannot define a job which will do the tape job on sunday for examle as the last sunday can be before the last friday of a month.

Our goal is to create active full backups on last friday of a month to disk and later copy these active full jobs to tape with different retention times.
We dont want to have synthetic full backups for our monthly, quarter and yearly tapes.

Maybe someone has any ideas in realizing this szenario.

Best regards,

Re: GFS Tape Issue with Active Full Backup 2 Disk Jobs

Veeam LogoPosted: Tue Apr 18, 2017 10:51 am
by v.Eremin
I can think of several options here:

1) Switch backup job from reversed to forward forever incremental mode and let GFS synthesize required full backup directly on tapes on the last Friday.
2) Leave everything as is and let GFS copy latest full backup on the last Friday. In this case it won't be active full backup, though, because it will not be created yet.
3) Stick to bunch of non-GFS backup to tape job (monthly, quarterly, yearly) pointed to multiple media pools (monthly, quarterly, yearly). Use backup job post command to execute required job in accordance with GFS schedule.