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[Feature Request] include mkfs.ext4 on recovery ISO

Posted: Apr 26, 2017 5:50 pm
by DerekFroeseRedRhino
Directed here from Case # 02138148

Please include mkfs.ext4 on the recovery ISO.
  • Testing Veeam for Linux; we're a Storagecraft shop but they don't support Debian :S.
  • Postgres server has 2 volumes; one for OS, one for DB.
  • Research tells me Veeam doesn't quiesce the filesystem / DBs, so I'm using Veeam for OS drive and PG_Dump for DB drive to achieve consistent DB backups.
  • Testing restore. Veeam restores OS and OS drive beautifully, but from the Recovery ISO I want to format the DB drive to later restore from PG dumps. If I boot the recovered OS before doing that, it does funny things because it's looking for the 2nd volume that isn't existent yet.
  • As I told support, I'm not really looking for support. It would just save me trouble if the recovery ISO included filesystem tools. I don't think they're very big.

Re: [Feature Request] include mkfs.ext4 on recovery ISO

Posted: May 01, 2017 9:30 pm
by vmniels
In regards to application aware processing, this is on the roadmap for a future release. In regards to adding additional commands we'll look at your request.

For now a manual rebuild would be needed.