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Mailbox licensing needs clarification

Posted: May 17, 2018 2:46 pm
by aich365
We have installed this for a customer and selected backup all mailboxes.
I backed up 571 Mailboxes.

The licence is for 200 Mailboxes and the daily job keeps reporting we have 38 mailboxes unlicensed.

In the Licence screen it states we have 20 licences missing

There are 194 E3 licences and 75 E1 Licences for O365

I cannot determine how the licences are counted and which mailboxes are included in the count

I have opened a case with support 03002681 but no-one really seems to know.

We have had to enter the 194 E3 mailboxes individually to get under the licence count, but the count is still showing incorrect.

This will be corrected after 30 days apparently.

Also the only way to find out which mail boxes would not be covered would be to wait for the grace/trial period to expire and then the backups would cease - far from ideal

ideally it would be good to have Veeam for O365 show how it arrives at its licence count.

Re: Mailbox licensing needs clarification

Posted: May 17, 2018 3:15 pm
by Mike Resseler
Hi Clive,

Did you added users to the job and then removed them to add others again?

Our counter usage is per user (not per mailbox because groups and so on can have mailboxes also). However, if you add users, do a backup, then it counts as 1 license. If you remove it afterwards, it remains counting as a license for the next 31 days

Re: Mailbox licensing needs clarification

Posted: May 18, 2018 8:44 am
by aich365
Hi Mike
We installed the Veeam O365 product and Licence
We created storage and then created a job
In the Job we selected "All Mailboxes"
this selected 571 Mailboxes.
Some of these are shared mailboxes, some are E3 O365 mailboxes (194) and some are E1 O365 mailboxes (75)
The Veeam Application reports that we are over the licence limit (200) by 38 mailboxes

I cannot determine how Veeam has arrived at the number of licences, somewhere in the application it has counted mailboxes and compared them to the licence.
All I want to do is see this information so I can check which mailboxes are being counted and which ones exceed the licence.

none of the figures seem to add up.


Re: Mailbox licensing needs clarification

Posted: May 22, 2018 7:28 am
by Mike Resseler

Indeed. I would have expected that the amount of over license would be 69 and not 38. Could you create a support call around this? (PS: What version are you using). Post the case ID here so I can follow up if necessary and the outcome after investigation with the support team. (This might need to get escalated to development or QC)

(PS2: Sorry for my late reply, travelled back from VeeamON)

Re: Mailbox licensing needs clarification

Posted: May 22, 2018 8:04 am
by aich365
Hi Mike
Details below
[ID# 03002681] We have a Licence count disparity

Veeam O365 version

Re: Mailbox licensing needs clarification

Posted: Jun 05, 2018 10:55 am
by aich365
I have had a Webex with a Veeam Engineer today.

A Veeam O365 licence is provided with a grace amount of 20% (minimum grace count 20 users)
The original Veeam O365 licence was for 10 users and a grace count of 20, allowing for 30 mailboxes to be backed up.
A new licence was purchased for 190 users and this was installed. This gave a grace count of 38 users. The installation of this licence overwrote the original licence.
The two licences were merged on the Veeam Portal to produce a licence for 200 users with a grace count of 40 and this was successfully installed.
As part of the original installation all O365 mailboxes were added to the backup job - a total of 269 user mailboxes and 200+ shared mailboxes/resources.
However this was restrained to 240 by the Veeam licensing limit.
The Veeam O365 setup was changed to include just the 194 E3 Office 365 users, because some of the original count of Mailboxes included E1 licences they still have a Veeam license assigned and it takes 30 days to release unused licences so it still shows the licence is exceeded, in the job it shows 34 mailboxes not licensed as these are being used by old mailboxes and have not yet been released.
Veeam development have a tool which can manually reset the licence count. This requires a copy of the database and logs being provided to Veeam and the Veeam O365 services being stopped.
Note: these 194 mailboxes had to be added manually as there is currently no GUI option to select these, although Veeam does have a powershell reference guide which may allow this to be run as a batch job.

It would be helpful if the documentation could be updated with this info on licence counting

Re: Mailbox licensing needs clarification

Posted: Jun 07, 2018 6:56 am
by Mike Resseler

I looked into your case some time ago and discussed it with a Veeam support engineer. I think there was some miscommunication and I apologize for that. I couldn't understand how you succeeded in protecting 69 over license but in reality, it was only 240 so 38 over license (or similar to that, can't remember the exact numbers anymore :-))

Glad to see it became clear now, but could you do me a favor and tell me where you want to see changes? ( ... tml?ver=15)
My feeling says it is rather clear in the documentation, but since I am pretty much heavily involved in this, I might just consider it understandable :-)
So any feedback is appreciated


Re: Mailbox licensing needs clarification

Posted: Jun 07, 2018 10:30 am
by aich365
Hi Mike

I have read the page you highlighted and now I know how it works the page makes sense.

It may be beneficial to add some or all of the following
Veeam O365 grants an additional grace period licence of 20% (minimum 20 Licences).
The grace period is 60 (?) days in which time the correct licence should be purchased. Increasing the Licenced users will require Licences to be merged on the Veeam Licensing Portal.

Veeam O365 will add all Office 365 licences to the backups unless individual licences are selected manually when configuring the job. Veeam O365 Powershell offers the ability to add selected licences.

The Licence count shown on the main screen will include “grace licences”.

After User Mailboxes are replaced the new mailboxes will not be backed up until the old mailboxes have been expired (31 days). There is no way to reset this (contact support).


Many Thanks for your responses


Re: Mailbox licensing needs clarification

Posted: Jun 07, 2018 1:05 pm
by Mike Resseler

The thanks needs to come from my side! Thanks for this clarification. I am going to sent it to our technical writers and ask them to revise that page!