Host-based backup of VMware vSphere VMs.
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A question of "Can I do this.."

Post by StueyB »

Hi Everyone!

This is my first post, so go easy :D

I currently have to look at doing a lot of P2V/V2V work, in the order of 300 - 400 hosts.

Now I was looking at Platespin as it seems to do what we want. Specifically, it allow a v2v across a stretched WAN. For example a lot of these migrations are from the east coast to west coast type scenario. Platespin allowed us to do a P2V/V2V and choose a cutover point, ie 3 am on Saturday when no sane person is on the web :mrgreen:

The problem with Platespin is that it's long term viability is in question, as it currently doesn't support version ESXi 5 and there seems to be no one taking care of the product.

Now I see that Veeam has a replication capability. Could this be used to achieve the same end, ie have a continuous replication going and then stop the replication and bring up the guest on the destination host as the live master? I realise that P2V across a stretched network is not going to work, as the physical guest cannot use the replication as it is not yet virtual.

Part of the appeal is the minimisation of downtime, that is measured in big $$$ at present.

I am keen to hear from anybody that has used it in this type of scenario.
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Re: A question of "Can I do this.."

Post by habibalby »


but Veeam will not replicate your physical servers to a destination as Virtual but you can replicate your existing VMs from one data-center to another without any issue, provided you meet the requirement .

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Re: A question of "Can I do this.."

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Yes, replication job will help you to migrate your production VMs from East to West :)

If you want to review Veeam B&R deployment guidelines for this scenario, please check out our User Guide (page 44). But basically you will need to deploy two proxy servers at both sites to use traffic compression while sending VM data over the WAN link.

In addition to this, I would suggest to review existing discussions about WAN replication techniques: ... tion+proxy

Hope this helps!
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