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Any concern on upgrading Veeam server from v11 to v12?

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Just an easy (I guess) question; I would like to know if there's any concern on upgrading our production Veeam server from v11 to v12?

My concern are based on a previous experience because we have SUPER HUGE backups files (20 TB) and while upgrading from v9 to v10 a few years ago, we lost the "change block tracking" during the update and so the 20 TB backup has to be re-read completely from the production server, not to recreate a full backup from scratch, but fully re-read the 20 TB what took like 40 hours instead of 3-4 hours like usually backup (daily change rate around 200 GB).

So I just want to know if this will/may happen again and then schedule the update accordingly during production weeks or maybe later during holidays.

Thank you!
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Re: Any concern on upgrading Veeam server from v11 to v12?

Post by Mildur »

Hi Simon

I cannot comment on the v9 to v10 case.
A CBT reset is not expected. I also cannot find any support cases related to global CBT resets.
I checked it in my lab. It doesn't show a CBT reset after the upgrade from v11 to v12.

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