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Backing up vSphere Templates seems slow

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Hi Guys,
I'm running Veeam Backup&Replication 6.5. vSphere 4.0 (ESX). Im using a Hot-add virtual appliance proxy mode (seperate VM from the physcial Backup Server) for the data moving. The Live VMs in bakup job 1 come over to the repository on the physcial backup server at around 20-30 MB/Sec.

However, I also have a 2nd backup job just for a load of templates on the same datastores as the live running VMs. When this job is running, it reports in the realtime stats window as using 'proxy mode NBD' (instead of hot-add) and comes over at about 6-10 MB/sec.
Even if I force the proxy to NOT fail back to network mode the reatime log still shows 'proxy mode - NBD'.

Is this simply a limitation of backing up templates or could there be another explanation?
Any help most appreciated.

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Re: Backing up vSphere Templates seems slow

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hi Gareth, yes those are limits in backing up templates: hotadd can only be used with running VM, since Veeam has to snapshot the vm and "hotadd" its vmdks to it. No VM running, no snapshot on it, no hotadd...

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