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Backup of 1TB VM slow

Post by Tarquinnz »

Hi All

I have a fairly large VM on a VMware 5.1 server (HP ML350 G6, 48GB RAM, 10k discs in raid 5 etc). I thick provisioned around 1 TB of disk space. The machine actually only uses around 350 GB of the 1 TB but backups are taking around 17-18 hours a day. I have boosted the transfer rate from 6 mb/s to around 12 mb/s by creating a new virtual server and using the Virtual Appliance service but the daily backups still take 17-18 hours. I really only want it to do a full backup once a week and incrementals daily but it seems to rescan the entire VM every backup. Suggestions on how I can increase the speed ?

Thanks in advance

Dan Allen
New Zealand
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Re: Backup of 1TB VM slow

Post by foggy »

Dan, could you please verify whether CBT is enabled and being used by this job (do you see the [CBT] tag next to the VM disk in the job stats window?)? What is the actual transferred amount of data during incremental run? What kind of VM it is? Does it have some highly transactional applications installed on it?
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Re: Backup of 1TB VM slow

Post by veremin »

Additionally, what are the bottleneck statistics for this job? Thanks.
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