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Backup test and size

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The VM size is 2.7TB the full backup was completed successfully with a size of 1TB. I'm trying to test this backup but I do not have a VM Controller with enough space to do an instant recovery/move to production. I would like to move the backup to another PC and spin it up virtually somehow is this possible? Can I use VMware Workstation?

My veeam has a sure backup feature as well I'm just not familiar with it.

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Re: Backup test and size

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You could probably export the VM configuration and Disks from the Backup Chain and import it to VmWare Workstation. For me, that's to many manual steps.
If you have a PC (Windows 10 or Windows 11), you could install HyperV and use this HyperV Server for your Instant Recovery.
This will show you, that the VM can be powered on and completely restored.

Sure Backup needs a VUL or Socket License with Ent or Ent+.
SureBackup will not restore (move to production) the entire vm. It will start an instant recovery session, do some basic tests (Heartbeat, Ping) and optionally Application testing, Malware Scan or backup file integrity scan.
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