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Best practices for configuring jobs with many VMs?

Post by KeithW »

I have an environment running Veeam B&R 6 across two datacenters, with about 8 ESXi4U2 hosts and about 60 or so VM's so far, with more on the way.

In configuring my jobs, I set them up based on enclave as follows:
  • Production-Priority - backs up every 3 hours to capture incremental file changes on production file servers and data collectors
  • Prodiction-Standard - backs up every night for application and non-priority data servers
  • Production-Infrastructure - backs up twice a week for systems like QIP, DC's, etc that don't change very much or are themselves redundant
  • Dev/Test/QA - backs up once a week for non-important resources that just need a restore point
  • Templates - on-demand backup only for capturing gold copies
It seems to work OK, but I've been starting to get a lot of errors, and I'm wondering if I have the jobs optimally configured, or if perhaps I'm overloading the server, or whatnot.

What do others do for an environment similar in size to mine?
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Re: Best practices for configuring jobs with many VMs?

Post by Gostev »

Looks like a perfect strategy to me. The errors are definitely not caused by your strategy, I hope our support will be able to track down the real reason for those.
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Re: Best practices for configuring jobs with many VMs?

Post by dellock6 »

Hi Keith,
I'll leave the errors to support, but about the strategy, sounds good to me too. We have more than 10x your size, but we backup everything everynight, with no higher frequency. Take a deep look at performances of production storage, proxies distribution and configuration (if they are virtual), backup storage.
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