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CIFS share target with Open Directory Authenication

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Just a quick question on whether someone has done something similiar?

In our environment, we are trying to set the backups to a CIFS repository that is authenticated through a Mac Open Directory server. We can successfully add the CIFS as a repository, however, importing the backup files fails. Backup and replication jobs pointing to the repository also fails with error messages/logs saying it cannot create folders on the target.

We can login and create files and folders with that account through the same Windows 2008 R2 console, and have granted read & write rights to the account on that share.

Just wanted to check whether anyone has done something similiar before I contact support.

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Re: CIFS share target with Open Directory Authenication

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Try to re-enter the credentials required to access this CIFS repository and let us know how it works.
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