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Client error: NFC storage connection is unavailable.

Post by tominmiami »

I'm experiencing the Client error: NFC storage connection is unavailable, blah blah blah error while trying to replicate from the customer's vmware environment to a seed system on the same network, i sent over there. There is no firewalls, host or otherwise between the Veeam V6 server and proxy and the vcenter/ESX servers . The esx host, the veeam server and veeam proxy have had A records entered in the customers DNS servers to provide complete name resolution.

Please don't asked me to open a ticket with support, there is one open at this time.

From the veeam server, using the veeam console, i can not copy the servername.nvram file to a folder i was able to create on the same datastore. An unable to access file error is returned.

It obviously not a veeam issue as they have not replied to my numerous emails today, so if anyone out there know how to fix the 20+ esx host this client has please let me know.

Ive seen some articles about restarting the management agents, but before i put my client through that fire drill, i would like some reassurances it would actually work.

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Re: Client error: NFC storage connection is unavailable.

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Please remember to include your support case ID when posting about any technical issue. Thanks!
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Re: Client error: NFC storage connection is unavailable.

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Can the Repository resolve the vCenter/ESX(i) host by name?
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