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data domain primary repository

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Hello everyone, I have this curiosity is it true that Veeam does not recommend using the data domain as the primary repository because data recovery is very slow due to deduplication?
Is this still true or has it been overcome.

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Re: data domain primary repository

Post by Andreas Neufert »

Veeams best practices is to store the primary backups on (fast) general storage to optimize backup and restore. We build our functionality with this concept in mind, so everything is optimized to leverage random IO processing.
Usually you hold data there for some time (like 14days) and create backup copies to a more cost effective storage. This can be a deduplication storage for long term retention.
Deduplication storages are optimized for sequential processing and can be used (supported) as primary storage as well when it fits your performance requirements. There is a lot of code optimization within Veeam for various storage vendor products such as DataDomain.

In case of space savings, in many cases Veeams own optimizations like fast cloning, inline dedup, compression is a poerformance opimized way to nearly achive the same space savings for short term retention.

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