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Design of Backup jobs: Application-Aware Processing

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Hi Veeam Experts

I'm currently designing and testing the best way to create VMware vSphere Backup jobs, where some of the VMs need Application-Aware Processing.
My first thought was to create separate jobs for each "kind" of Application-Aware Processing job.
I.e. 1 job for SQL, 1 job for Exchange, 1 job for DCs, 1 job for Sharepoint etc. And finally 1 job for other VMs that doesn't require Application-Aware Processing.
Something like:


But would it be better to simply create 1 Backup job that handles everything?
And then handle the Application-Aware Processing of each VM inside the Application-Aware Processing Options menu:


Can't really find any best practices or recommendations on this subject, so any inputs is welcome :)

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Re: Design of Backup jobs: Application-Aware Processing

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Hi Søren,

Yes, having a single job would be easier, but both options are possible.


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