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Craig Nunn
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Does VEEAM "backup" unallocated disc?

Post by Craig Nunn »

I am the new Administrator for a company, where they have previously P2V'd their exchange server to ESX 4.1...Thick partition.
Thing is, they have one VMDK at 1TB, the OS has it partitioned as C: (50GB), D: (700GB - with only 12GB used) the rest as unallocated disc.
It is currently being backed up via Backup Exec.
I have reduced the size of the d: using partitioning tools, so it is a more manageable 100GB.

But my question is about the unallocated space....does Veeam try to back this up?
Vitaliy S.
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Re: Does VEEAM "backup" unallocated disc?

Post by Vitaliy S. »

Hi Craig,

When you start the backup job our engine reads VM virtual disk blocks and then skips zeroed blocks. If you've never used this unallocated disk space, then these blocks will be skipped.

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