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Enterprise mgr 1 Click FLR: control which ESXi is used

Post by jkoop »

I'm running into trouble here. Where can I set the options for the 1-Click FLR operations by the Enterprise Manager?
I tried doing an FLR manually, providing all necessary options in the wizard. These options will be used, but is there a possibility to control it a little bit better?
Somehow I'm missing functionality to make 1 Click FLR work for my setup.
My setup is as follows:
- Central location: enterprise server, Veeam server, ESXi Hosts, proxies, repositories
- Remote site: ESXi hosts, proxy, repository (NO Veeam server!)

When I do a FLR on the main site, where the Veeam server is located, the options I provided to the wizard are sufficient. The backup is presented to a chosen host in the cluster and the FLR appliance is registered on that host in the local subnet. Everything stays on-site.

But when I try to do this for the remote location, the FLR appliance is registered on the same ESXi on the central location (as configured via the wizard), the remote (!) repository is mounted via WAN link, the FLR starts, etc. etc. - the data has to go through our WAN link twice. If I use the wizard to set the FLR appliance registration to an ESXi host on the remote site, all 1-Click FLRs of the central site will use that host and the data is once again going via WAN.

Is there a way of configuring which ESXi host is used to register the FLR appliance by backup? I.e.: for Backup job covering VMs of the central site, use ESXi from that site, for another job use another ESXi?
Must be configured somewhere, since it is being remembered.

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Re: Enterprise mgr 1 Click FLR: control which ESXi is used

Post by Vitaliy S. »

I believe the only way to achieve that is to install a secondary Veeam backup server on the DR site. Can you please tell us what backup files you store on the DR site? Are these copies of the files located on the main site?

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