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Exchange restore U-Air - DR Scenario

Post by SunkistDavid »

We are running standard licenses and potentially looking to upgrade to Enterprise if this scenario plays out correctly.

We are running BR V6 fully patched and Exchange 2007 A/B node locally, CAS/HUB failover clustered locally.

We replicate once a week the B node and the CAS/Hub servers over a 45mbps pipe to our DR site in another state. Currently, during DR testing we bring online the B node and we are off an running with 1 week old data.

Our current jobs are

1) Replication to remote site SAN: 1x a week
2) Backup to local NAS. 1x week, reversed incremental, LAN target

Some of the issues we are looking to address

1) individual mail message, entire mailstores or the VM server locally
2) Better RTO recovery points and better RPO recovery times of our Exchange environment at our DR facility.

I understand we can modify the local to always incremental and run daily and then utilize U-Air if we wish to accomplish item 1
For item 2, would we be able to utilize the U-Air tool to recover more recent data from the replication and restore it to the B node if we created another backup job that is pointed to our remote NAS.

Other options for addressing these issues.
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Re: Exchange restore U-Air - DR Scenario

Post by Vitaliy S. »

Hi David, your DR scenario looks absolutely fine, so you should give it a try.

In addition to this, I would suggest watching our recorded webinar which covers all the aspects of Exchange backup&recovery with Veeam. Here is the direct link to this video in case you haven't seen it already: http://www.veeam.com/videos/running-exc ... re-27.html
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