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Feature Request: Currently No Notifications for MISSED Jobs

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I posed the following question to Veeam Support inside this ticket [ ref:_00D30RWR._50060kOprw:ref ] and he said that I could go to the forums to submit a feature request. So hopefully this is the correct method to explain my issue/feature change request...

Anyway, I have a number of replication jobs that trigger by cascading off each other. For example, Job 1 runs at 10pm, Job 2 runs after Job 1 finishes, Job 3 runs after Job 2 finishes, and so on. I also have a backup window set for each of the jobs and that backup window timeframe is the same for all jobs (8pm to 7am).

The problem I had last night is that "Job 4" ran late and was terminated automatically at 7am because it passed its backup time window. Worked perfectly. The remaining jobs didn't run because the starting times would've been after the backup window ended. Again, that also worked as expected. The problem is that I never I received any notification that those remaining replication jobs were MISSED. Since VB&R only reports successes and failures, these missed backups were simply not reported because misses aren't reported. I think it should notify me for missed jobs in one way or another. One could argue that they're not really failures because the jobs never had a chance to start, so maybe the correct approach is to have another category for missed jobs. The only way I was able to tell at a glance that these jobs were missed was because the number of successes was fewer than normal. There must be a better way to be able to flag these.

As a little side note, I'm currently trialing Veeam ONE and Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager - Standard and neither of these products showed me that these jobs were missed either.


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Re: Feature Request: Currently No Notifications for MISSED J

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Hi Jeff,

Since you're trialing Veeam ONE, then take a look at our predefined alarm that is called "VM with no backup", you just need to set the required RPO period.

This alarm can be used as a notification in these kind of situations. For more info, please check our this topic > ONEbelievable tricks: Veeam ONE and Automation Services


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