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Feature request: List of Restore Points without restoring

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Hello everyone

It would be nice if I could get a list of restore points without even starting the restore process at all.
Use case: I'm only a "Backup Viewer" without the permission to perform a backup or a restore. But I would like to check the restore points for a specific VM.
What I would expect: I'm going to the Backups -> Disk or Tape section in the Home tab, search for a VM and then there is an action in the context menu or maybe a double-click on the VM that brings up a list of the restore points.
Of course this could be taken further: If I do have the permissions to perform a restore, it could be possible to proceed from the list of restore points and select one of them and choose the desired action (restore full VM, restore guest OS files...).

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Re: Feature request: List of Restore Points without restoring

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One option to get what you ask for is by using powershell.
There you can get what you ask for easily and use the output in any way you want.

Just as an idea.

Stefan Renner

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