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Feature Request

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We use Veeam to ensure that our servers are functional while the primary servers are being worked on as well as disaster recovery. There is not anything wrong with our production servers. We would like to continue using Veeam where we can failback to our production servers and not lose any changes. In the event we do this, we also need to be able to cancel the failover process without harming a production server.

When we canceled the failback process this corrupted our primary server's hard-drive. We also have issues getting the primary server running again.

I am hoping Veeam will work with us to help improve their product, and protect their customers. In this process all Veeam would need to do is create a snapshot that can be revert back to in the event the customer accidently canceled, or intentionally canceled a failback process. This would be a more "customer friendly" way of handling a cancelation of a Veeam failback process.

Thank you,

Concerned Customer.

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Re: Feature Request

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Hi, Kaden,

That's the way our product works already. During failback backup server creates a working failback snapshot on the original VM. In order to revert everything to pre-failover state, use Undo failback option, instead of cancelling.


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