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How to change vCenter if it corrupted?

Post by fil232323 »

We reinstalled vCenter, now the question arises how to continue our backups?

If you start the current backup processes, then this process is very long and, as I understand it, a full backup is made (although it is written that this is an increment).

what to do in the current case?

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Re: How to change vCenter if it corrupted?

Post by Mildur »

Hi Fil

It depends if you had a backup of the vcenter database or not.
If you have restored a backup of the vcenter database to the new vcenter appliance, you can change the configured hostname in veeam (in case the new vcenter uses another hostname) and backup chains will be continued.

If you have a new vcenter with a new database (no restore from the old one), then Veeam will see all VMs as new machines. You have to add them to the backup jobs. New backup chains will be created with Active Full Backups.

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