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Infrastructure Recomendation

Post by sooperfly »

I am looking for advice on the "optimal" path to proceed. I have a central site with lots of SAN storage and lots of smaller sites that I want to backup/replicate.
What is the best use of Veeam products to accomodate this scenario. Most of the sites have minimal changes, maybe 2-5 VMs each on standalone, with 1.5 to 5mbs links.
I am confortable now with the WAN links for each site being changed if needed. My biggest concerns are management. I would like to be able to mange replication from a Veeam server(s) at my central site, and have it connect via VPN to the Vsphere hosts directly. What are my minimum needs as far as Proxies/Vcenter servers. I would prefer not to have to deploy a new VM at each site, as it costs an MS license to do so. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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Re: Infrastructure Recomendation

Post by chrisdearden »

While the proxies have to run on windows , they dont have to be windows servers - you can use a windows 7 VM to act as a proxy for each branch. As long as the host on each site is running a licenced version of vSphere you should be good to go. The Proxy VM will also have a small ammount of storage used for the source side metadata , but this should be pretty small. You can also make use of some replica seeding via removable drive if you want to speed up the initial transfer.

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Re: Infrastructure Recomendation

Post by Vitaliy S. »

sooperfly wrote:What are my minimum needs as far as Proxies/Vcenter servers.
To process your VMs in the most optimal way it is recommended to have a proxy server on each site, and it can be any existing VM as Chris has written above.

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