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Instant recoery question

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I have read 6.0 document, still don't understand how to reocvery back the production VM. for example, a production AD VM failed and then use instant recovery, so users will save data to this instant VM, when the production AD VM restored by restore option, the question is how to merge instant VM data to restored production AD VM ?

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Re: Instant recoery question

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It seems you are confusing IR with replication failover/failback operation. Instant VM recovery allows for immediate restore of a VM into production environment by running it directly from the backup. To finalize instant VM recovery, you can migrate the IRecovered VM into your production (either using sVmotion or Quick Migration feature), so you do not need to restore the original VM here and merge any changes into it - it will be simply replaced by the new IRecovered VM. While during replica failback, the changes are actually merged into the restored original VM.
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