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IP Addresses Datacenter vs Offsite

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Datacenter located at site A. Sites B-L located around the county all have site to site VPN connections (hub/spoke) to Site A. We are working to configure site L (a production site) as our offsite backup location. VMhosts at site A will be replicated via Veeam to site K. If datacenter at Site A goes down, firewalls at site B-K have site L's public IP address setup as a backup VPN location. So if data center at site A goes down all remote sites (spokes) should change to the site L for VPN (hub) connection.

Question comes in, how do we setup DNS/IP addresses at site L for our VMware hosts and guests? I assume hosts need to be on local subnet at remote site but are guests replicated straight over and kept dark until an outage at data center site A? When data center site A goes down they spin up with original IP's as they were used at Site A? All other remote sites would be connecting to Site L at that point so that would work for them I would think. What considerations do we have for production workers at site L since they are now going to be looking local (or on an X port of their SonicWall) for the guest servers what used to be over the VPN?

Any initial thoughts to get us pointed in the correct direction would be appreciated.


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Re: IP Addresses Datacenter vs Offsite

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I don't really think these are Veeam questions n, maybe post it on VMware Communities.

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