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job hang in "STARTING" mod

Post by fab97 »

hi all
since i've upgrade my ESXi on 4.1update02 and so upgrade my vmtools on veeam VM : some of my job freeze on "STArTING" level (even if stopping all veeam services, reboot veeam workstation...) and the worst thing is my scheduler do not work.
i'm in V5 and now only my manual job launching is still working, for now my automatic run scheduler is down (even if i creat a new job)
anybody to put me on the right way ?
thx all
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Re: job hang in "STARTING" mod

Post by foggy »

Fabrice, full logs are required to tell what exactly the job is waiting for while hanging with the "Starting" status. Please contact our support team directly and let them investigate. Thanks!
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