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Job layout best practices

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What are the main best practice points to consider when planning which VMs goes into which jobs (and how many jobs you have in the end)?

One obvious consideration is that deduplication is not shared between multiple jobs, so VMs of the same type/that should have a good common dedupe ratio should be in the same job, but what other aspects are there to base the planning on?


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Re: Job layout best practices

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Well, there are basically a million aspects to design a backup solution...
To name a few:
- size of the VMs
- read performances of the source storage
- type of connection (fc, iscsi, nfs)
- type of VMs (if windows you can leverage VSS...)
- desired retention period
- backup window

And we could go on for a day listing them :) About deduplication, you can get better results by grouping similar VMs in the same jobs (by operating systems and even version). Also, grouping Windows VMs together can give you better use of VSS.

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Re: Job layout best practices

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Hi Leo,

Yes, there are many facts you should consider, Luca has covered them pretty well. If you want to know more about how many VMs you should put in the job, please look through this topic: number of vms per job


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