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Large (over 1TB) replication jobs will slow down and never speed back up

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Case # 05705020

I have dealt with this for years, but its only a major issue when I have to completly resync a VM which is what we are doing right now.
Side note: I have also seen this with other job types such as backup copy.

Basically our replication will start out fast and strong but something happens beyond the 6-10 hour mark on large jobs where they slow to a crawl and never speed back up. I can let it run for days and it never speeds up. Yes there may be variations in bandwidth available over that time, but why doesn't it speed back up when bandwidth is available? Its almost always faster to kill the job and retry it. However on multi TB jobs that is problematic. Even using a "SEED"ed backup the problem happens. This morning there was only one job of any type across my entire veeam infrasctructure and its pathetically slow. I know if I kill the job and restart it will be fast and then by tonight/tomorrow it will have done this again. Typically I can get up to 100MB/s but once this happens it will be stuck on 2-4MB/s forever.
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Re: Large (over 1TB) replication jobs will slow down and never speed back up

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It does not seem to be the behavior by design, I think a deeper technical analysis is required. As far as I see, the case has been opened today and our engineers just need to have more time to examine debug logs and fetch more details about your infrastructure, let's wait for what they can find out. Also, you may escalate a support case if you're not satisfied with how it is being handled.

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