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new install of Veeam - hotadd issues

Post by bhodgins »

Hi, this is my first post on here as I'm new to Veeam.
Case 00563885 Spoke on the phone to a support engineer, he was going to pass it on to sales as it is an installation issue.
I have a new install of Veeam 7 update 3 on a VM running on a ESXi 5.5 U1 host. Veeam backup repository is to a iSCSI NAS attached to the VM containing Veeam.
I am only trying to back up local VMs on this particular host.
I have a service account that has AD domain admin permissions, as well as admin access to the ESXi host. I am able to create a snapshot of the target VM logged into ESXi with this account.
There are no concurrent backup jobs.
There is no IDE involved as far as VM disks are concerned.
The hardware version of the VMs is 9
VMWare tools is up to date on both the Veeam server and the target.
There is no Anti-virus involved.
UAC turned off on Veeam server and target.
All 4 Veeam services started with the aforementioned service account.
Backups will only work in network mode (5mbps). If I force it to appliance mode it fails.
The log seems to indicate a permissions issue. Here is a snippet of it should anyone be able to help:

Code: Select all

ERR |Logon attempt has failed and will be performed again in [10] seconds. Logon parameters: [viConnRef: ESXi-4.internal.net;host: ESXi-4.internal.net;login: ****SOAP port: 443;Authd port: 902;VIC port: 443;Datacenter: ha-datacenter;Datacenter (mor): ha-datacenter;Snapshot: 18-snapshot-4;VMX: [VMStore4] Windows7 Pro X64 #3/Windows7 Pro X64 #3.vmx;VMDK: [VMStore4] Windows7 Pro X64 #3/Windows7 Pro X64 #3.vmdk;Transports: hotadd].
[09.05.2014 14:35:24] <  3424>      ERR |Failed to open VDDK disk [[VMStore4] Windows7 Pro X64 #3/Windows7 Pro X64 #3.vmdk] ( is read-only mode - [true] )
[09.05.2014 14:35:24] <  3424>      >>  |--tr:{
[09.05.2014 14:35:24] <  3424>      >>  |--tr:VDDK error: 13.You do not have access rights to this file
[09.05.2014 14:35:24] <  3424>      >>  |Failed to open VMDK.
>>  |Logon attempt with parameters [VC/ESX: [ESXi-4.internal.net];Port: 902;Login: [****];VMX Spec: [moref=18];Snapshot mor: [18-snapshot-4];Transports: [hotadd];Read Only: [true]] failed because of the following errors:
[09.05.2014 14:35:24] <  3424>      >>  |--tr:}

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Re: new install of Veeam - hotadd issues

Post by foggy »

Not sure support engineer's answer is reasonable enough. I would recommend to get them to take closer look at your logs and environment.

There is also a KB article outlining limitations of using hotadd mode, worth checking, probably some of them apply to your case

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Re: new install of Veeam - hotadd issues

Post by veremin »

Are you able to manually hot add these virtual disks? Thanks.

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Re: new install of Veeam - hotadd issues

Post by alexfossa »


Did you solve your issue? We are having the same issue.

We can hot-add manually through vcenter.


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Re: new install of Veeam - hotadd issues

Post by Vitaliy S. »

Can't check with OP's issue, since there it is closed with no response, so I would suggest contacting our technical team directly.

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