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New Replica Mapping

Post by mbreitba »

I've got some questions on a Veeam replication job that I want to set up.

Previously we had been replicating the backend storage of our Veeam system using built in snapshot methods (Nexenta and ZFS Send/receive).

We would now like to use Veeam replication to do the replication, so that the VM is already registered, and ready to turn on.

We have 5TB of data in the remote location, replicated daily on the backend. Can I simply import VM's from that backup into our Vcenter on the remote end, and then map a replication job, or do I need to actually run the wizard and select "low bandwidth connection" and physically transport the data down to the second datacenter?
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Re: New Replica Mapping

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Yes, you still need to enable "low bandwidth connection", but there is no need to move any data to the second datacenter. Just map production VMs into available VMs on the remote site as it is described in the User Guide, page 123. Thanks!
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